2014 Summit

In 2014, 46 years after the passing of the Fair Housing Act, residential segregation is still a stark reality in our nation’s towns and cities. Segregation is more than geographical division by race – it is connected to critical quality of life indicators, including income, health, education, and life expectancy. The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center’s 7th annual Fit for King fair housing summit, “Are We Winning the Struggle to End Segregation?” will investigate the progress our country has made towards integration, the consequences of continued segregation on our communities, and how federal law and policy have been used to perpetuate segregation both historically and today. The conference will close with an interactive session about the possibility of integrated neighborhoods, how they can be sustained, and ways to advance housing choice locally as well as in the upcoming state legislative session.

Experts from around the country will join the conference to lead breakout sessions and panel discussions examining the intersections of residential segregation and environmental justice, gentrification, education, voting rights, and public policy. The conference will be held on January 15th, 2014 at the Lindy C. Boggs Center at the University of New Orleans.